All about our 100% natural Eau de Parfums


Trying | Can I try Aloha Senses Perfumes?

Yes! In our webshop, we offer a Discovery Set with all our natural perfumes as mini glass flacons with atomizer (1 ml). You can also choose all of our MINIs individually. We have deliberately kept the price low for this. So you can try all the scents in the comfort of your home before you decide on your favorite(s). The advantage of our samples or our Discovery Box is also that you can test the individual scent journey of a natural perfume such as KEANU on your skin, because a natural perfume smells different from synthetic perfumes on every skin. That’s natural.

Vegan | Are Aloha Senses Perfumes vegan?

Yes! In traditional perfumery, there are essences of animal origin. However, we use only fragrances of plant origin in our two scent lines. 100%. If you know your stuff – check out our official INCIs.

Safety | Is natural perfume safer than a conventional perfume?

In the matter of safety, the choice between a natural perfume or a synthetic perfume is irrelevant. Both products undergo comprehensive safety evaluations before they receive EU approval as cosmetic products. Our Natural Perfumes are also IFRA compliant. However, the many advantages of a natural perfume over a synthetic perfume are extensive – compare “Natural Perfume versus Synthetic Perfume”.

Alcohol | Why do you use undenatured alcohol?

Conventional cosmetics manufacturers mostly use synthetic agents such as diethyl phthalate (DEP) to denature alcohol, i.e. make it unpalatable (they save the duty on the food tax): This way they avoid having to pay high alcohol taxes and buy the raw material at a much cheaper price. Pure natural perfumers, on the other hand, often denature with essential oils or citric acid esters (still saves a lot of duty), but in our opinion this greatly affects the final scent – or, like us, use undenatured, purely vegetable, certified organic alcohol, which costs considerably more but smells completely neutral. The problem for the buyer is that cheap, denatured alcohol can only be identified by the small suffix “denat.” on the list of ingredients – whether synthetic substances or essential oils are used remains completely unknown.

Synthetic fragrances in perfume?

Synthetic fragrances are made from raw chemical materials. The production is extremely cheap in comparison. In addition, the synthetic perfume later smells nearly the same on any skin. You do not experience individuality in your interaction with the perfume. We at Aloha Senses say: the fragrance carries you.

Natural fragrances in Natural Perfumes?

Genuine natural perfumes consist of purely natural fragrances obtained through various manufacturing processes (e.g. steam distillation). These are of plant and animal origin – they include essential oils, absoluets, resins, balsams, CO2 extracts and tinctures. The extraction of natural essences is much more expensive and they are not used in this way in the “mass market”. In addition, the natural perfume smells later on each skin individually, because the natural, living essences interact with your skin. You experience an individuality in your interaction with the perfume. At Aloha Senses, we say: you wear the fragrance.

Difference | What is the exact difference between natural and synthetic fragrances?

Natural fragrances are products of plant and animal origin obtained through the various manufacturing processes. These include essential oils, absolues, resins, balsams, resins and tinctures. Synthetic fragrances are odorous substances produced from raw materials of chemistry. How can you imagine that? A common example: a synthetic strawberry yogurt tastes distinctly of strawberries. If you put it in the laboratory, you can hardly find a molecule of strawberry, because the manufacturer has synthetically recreated the aroma with the cheapest means.

Aromatherapy | Does Aromatherapy work with Natural Perfumes?

Each of our Natural Perfumes is a harmonious whole in itself. It is an ancient art to create perfumes and it takes a lot of knowledge, intuition, passion and talent to make it. Our Natural Perfumes are much more complex and composed of many more fragrances than our Natural Bodysprays. They offer the journey of a perfume through top notes, heart notes and base notes. After application, they act for different lengths of time and so you as a user experience an olfactory journey. You should primarily enjoy a perfume.

Aromatherapy | Isn't it possible?

Because our Natural Perfumes incorporate extremely high quality natural fragrances, even at Aloha Senses we use our complex Natural Perfumes from time to time to move more quickly from an undesirable state of mind to a desired one. You need background knowledge for this 🙂

Unisex | Do you have special perfumes for men or women?

Our five Natural Perfumes are unisex. Scents are a matter of taste and an assignment to genders is now handled differently in every generation. We believe that everyone should decide for themselves which fragrance suits them best. You’ll find floral, woody, sweet, tart, leathery, green, earthy and smoky fragrance families in our collection.

Storage | What is the best way to store a natural perfume so that it lasts a long time?

Store in a cool, dry and dark place! All natural perfumes are basically sensitive to light, moisture and heat. Some debate whether you should store perfumes in the refrigerator. Corinna’s personal stance on this: she definitely doesn’t want to lock away her own Natural Perfumes and always have her treasures handy around her. Still, get away from the heater and out of the sun!

100% Natural | Are your Natural Perfumes really natural?

The term “100% natural” is not really protected and a perfume manufacturer may not have detected fiddle games in the supply chain. How do we deal with this issue at Aloha Senses? We use essential oils, absolutes or resins from the best sustainable sources with comprehensive certificates and of plant origin as raw materials in combination with undenatured, purely botanical organic alcohol. The essences are mostly even certified organic.

Handcrafted | Really?

Yes! We have created, tasted, blended, smelled, refined and perfected our Natural Perfumes ourselves in our “Olfactory Laboratory”. We make our fragrances in small batches with our own formulas. We tried and set the intensity of the fragrances ourselves and on family and friends during the testing phase as a “tweak”. We have of course carefully selected and purchased all raw materials such as essential oils, absolutes and resins directly from around the world – as well as our selected glass flacons and caps. Our labels are self-designed. We created the design of our high-quality boxes ourselves on our Macs and later had them manufactured. So in a nutshell, we designed our perfumes ourselves. The formulations of our perfumes are ours. We make the perfumes ourselves. We bottle ourselves. Thus, we work in the field of Artisan Perfumery.

Durability | Is a natural extension of a fragrance possible?

There are different skin types, which interact differently with the applied natural perfume. For example, natural perfume “evaporates” more quickly on drier skin. For example, one way to naturally extend the scent is to apply a neutral-smelling lotion or oil and then spray on the perfume. You can also safely spray natural perfume in your hair. Here it smells for a long time.

Durability | Do natural perfumes not last long?

Yes that’s right – and it’s a good thing too! We say this from a biological perspective. This is because many of the synthetic fragrance molecules in conventional perfumes are not degradable later on, and therefore end up in the sea, just like our plastic. This means that the fragrance lasts from morning to night. A natural perfume, in comparison, you have to apply again in the afternoon. But your advantage is that you smell unobtrusively delicious and behave sustainably.

Fragrance Journey | What exactly is a fragrance journey, and is it normal for a perfume to change in scent over time?

A perfume develops over hours and shows more and more of itself during that time. In addition, each perfume develops differently on the wearer. Each fragrance goes through an olfactory journey that makes it exciting until the end. A perfume consists of top notes, heart notes and base notes. The top note is the first thing you notice when you spray a fragrance on your skin. Top notes include mostly essential oils such as citrus oils, as well as spices such as pepper. It usually dissipates within about 15 minutes and flows smoothly into the heart note. The heart note usually consists of floral fragrances such as jasmine or rose absolute. The heart note usually lingers on the skin for a long time before – very slowly – the final episode of the fragrance announces itself: the base note. It shows us the depths of the fragrance and consists mostly of resins and woods. This holds it and carries it through all the phases. Like the finish of a good wine, the base in the perfume remains in memory for a long time. If the perfumer has an outstanding talent, these three notes merge in a harmonious symbiosis – like music or a poem.

Layering | Another natural perfume manufacturer recommends layering several of its perfumes into one scent. Can you do the same with Aloha Senses Natural Perfumes?

In the field of natural perfumes, we have been seeing “modular systems” for some time now. Thus, it is advertised to “layer” several perfumes of the manufacturer. At Aloha Senses, we respectfully see it that way for our fragrances: Each of our perfumes is a harmonious, complex whole in itself. In fact, they are all a work of art in their own right. Our intensive work goes into each of our natural perfume fragrance compositions, and they are well thought through and structured. We believe that applying several of our “complete” perfumes creates disharmonies in the smell. On the one hand, as creative people, we recommend mixing, making, trying. On the other hand, however, we recommend using single fragrances or less complex fragrance compositions for this purpose (compare aromatherapy).

Clothing | Does natural perfume leave stains on clothing?

This question applies equally to synthetic perfume and natural perfume. Most of the ingredients eventually evaporate. Corinna, with her mother Gigi, generously applied all five natural perfumes to white, ironed linen cloth napkins to test it thoroughly. The next day, the napkins still smelled wonderful, but we could not perceive any stains. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to spray perfume directly on a white silk blouse, because discoloration can occur eventually. In such case, however, you should get everything clean again during washing.

Natural perfumes with pure botanical ingredients. Especially great for people with allergies.