Meet the Makers: Corinna is the "nose," the perfumer at Aloha Senses, the creative architect and the designer.
Corinna Kuhnert | Master of Arts in Architecture [in Architecture]

Corinna Kuhnert | Natural Perfumer & Co-Founder

Corinna is the “nose,” the perfumer, the creative architect and the designer of the unique natural perfumes at Aloha Senses. She wants to bring the Aloha Spirit, which is named differently in every culture, to the world. After a successful career in renowned architectural offices in Copenhagen and Berlin, Corinna followed the call of her heart and made her “inner face” her profession. Together with her husband Jörn she trained hundreds of students in intuitive perception & psycho-spiritual healing methods.

Since her youth, Corinna has loved traveling and visits the most exciting places in the world together with her husband. She feels particularly connected to Hawai’i and Iceland. In 2012, she made the mother tinctures of her own Aloha Essences flower essences in these places.

With an enduring fascination for natural fragrances, Corinna has been entering her master’s training as a perfumer with Mandy Aftel since 2020 – THE natural fragrance icon in Berkeley, California (U.S.A..) Mandy has been the owner and nose of the world-renowned, natural fragrance line Aftelier for over 30 years.

The ever-dormant desire to create her own complex natural perfumes was growing and Corinna’s “ex-works” sensual sense for optimal, outstanding fragrance compositions became a profession. In February 2021 Corinna followed the call of her heart and founded her own brand Aloha Senses® together with her husband Jörn. A major relaunch with new self-designed branding took place in September 2022.

Corinna is a Slow Scent® Natural Perfume Teacher certified by Mandy Aftel and teaches natural perfume workshops for individuals (on-site & zoom) and companies (on-site incentives).

Corinna about traveling:
For me, being on a journey is a philosophy of life: it’s about folding the umbrella and letting the rain pelt your soul. To let other cultures, scents, atmospheres and qualities of powerful places rain down on you. When a place calls me, I follow the call of my heart and make myself permeable to the new forces. Leave room for spontaneous detours off the beaten path. Being one with the journey… Exploring the world with all my senses – that’s the only way to travel for me!”


Jörn Klaas | Co-Founder

A picture about Jörn Klaas: Jörn is the manager and philosophical lyricist with the overview at Aloha Senses. He explains things and translates olfactory jargon for you.
Jörn Klaas | Yoga Teacher BDY / EYU

At Aloha Senses, Jörn is responsible for controlling. He is the philosophical copywriter with the overview, explaining things and translating olfactory lingo for you. As a performing artist, he helps bring Corinna’s perfume ideas to the stage and let them shine.

Jörn is a yogi and performing artist. He spent three quarters of a year in India, where he also came into contact with yoga and ancient wisdom teachings for the first time at the age of 19. He compares – as far as he can see – the yogic worldview with the principles of “Old Hawai’i.” Today, he transfers this understanding to the production and effectiveness of Aloha Senses Perfumes.

The Aloha Senses Natural Perfumes Team.

About both of us

In the manufactory we work together and produce our natural perfumes carefully by hand and in small batches. When one person is stuck, the other has the right idea. We both have the ability to invite ideas and insights. This is how we create our unique and outstanding natural perfumes that surround you with the magical “Aloha Spirit.”