In this workshop you will create your own rose perfume from natural essences in MCT oil (organic fractionated coconut oil). You take it home with you in a high-quality 10 ml glass bottle with Roll-on. This two hour workshop often takes place during the week in the early evening as an “after work” event!

This afternoon/evening is all about one of the most precious and important fragrances in perfume creation: the ROSE. Corinna has selected a small palette of precious essences with which you will mix and create your own personal rose accord in MCT oil. The basis is Corinna’s favorite Rose essence: genuine, precious Damask Rose absolute from Turkey.

We use 100% natural essences such as rare woods, precious floral absolutes, sensual spices and warm gourmand notes. All workshops will be teached by Corinna Kuhnert, perfumer and architect.

Your self-created rose perfume

We welcome you with a glass of sparkling wine in the beautiful rooms of the ophthalmologist’s practice Augenblick mal of Dr. Susanne Fabel and toast to our evening together! Corinna will introduce each essence and you will learn how to smell them properly. The individual facets are easily grasped, olfactorily perceived, and become familiar.

You will discover the difference between base notes, heart notes and top notes for the classic structure of a perfume and get to know different possibilities of a simple rose fragrance accord. With these simple tools, you can create your own personal rose perfume under Corinna’s guidance. Dr. Fabel will also join in – together we will awaken all the senses! You can certainly ask her a few things about your eyes – she is a wonderful, holistic ophthalmologist.

This two hour workshop is ideal for tapping into the world of perfume creation and gaining a first impression. Come with your best friend, your date, your mother, daughter, or just you!

The heart of your rose perfume is the rose – i.e. the specified heart note. There are two handful of different top notes and base notes to choose from, which you select by smelling, using your intuition and being very creative. The fun and the sensual Rose are at the forefront of this evening! In our 3.5-hour perfume workshop“The Little Perfumer” we go into even more depth, and there are more fragrances available, which Corinna introduces in detail.

Sweet, sexy, woody or smoky?

At the perfume workshop, you can choose the direction you want to take with your rose fragrance: whether sweet, spicy, smoky, spicy with a hint of Pepper or Nutmeg, sexy with Patchouli, earthy with Vetiver from Haiti – fresh with Citrus top notes such as Bergamot or woody with Ho Wood, etc. With Corinna’s guidance, you will create your first simple Rose accord.

At the end, each participant will take home their own, self-created Rose perfume in MCT oil (fractionated organic coconut oil) – incl. own formula: 10 ml in a high-quality glass bottle with roll-on and high-quality silver cap. This also offers you an alternative to an eau de parfum – a perfume without alcohol.

Natural instead of synthetic fragrances

Even if you love conventional perfume, you can smell our curated 100% botanical essences in our workshop and use your knowledge later for your work with synthetic perfumes. The advantage: smelling real Rose is a sensual experience.

No previous knowledge necessary

You can come to this workshop with absolutely no previous experience. From 15 years. The joy of creative experimentation is in the foreground! All the necessary materials are provided by us. You’ll see – experimenting with natural essences is a wonderful thing and your creativity will unfold all by itself!

Slowing down and reconnection with nature

During our perfume workshops, you slow down, leave your everyday life behind and immerse yourself in the art of perfume making. While you are playfully creating, it is easy for you to relax at the same time. You reconnect with nature because we only use purely natural, 100% botanical fragrances!

Next date

Wed, April 24, 2024 | 5:30 – 7:30 pm


Augenblick mal – Practice of ophthalmologist Dr. Susanne Fabel
Düppelstr. 60 (ground floor), 24105 Kiel


95,- Euro per person
own Rose Perfume in MCT oil in a glass Roll-on,
all precious materials,
own created formula,
a glass of sparkling wine to welcome you & snacks.


Participants will receive a discount in-store fragrance purchases made on the day of the workshop – valid for our Aloha Senses Perfumes.


You should avoid strong-smelling creams and perfume altogether on the day of the workshop, so that you can fully concentrate on your own perfume creation. Secure your spot quickly because spots are limited and popular!


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