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How great would it be if the following idea could be realized at your event? Make your own perfume! You and your guests can create your own perfume with professional guidance. The programm point is perfectly integrated into your event. And: the creative process unites the group. We provide and bring along all the precious materials required, and each guest takes home the natural perfume they have created themselves at the end.

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A self created perfume at your event

Are you looking for a really special experience for your best friend’s hen’s party, your own birthday or your event? We offer you the opportunity to book this fun, creative workshop for 8 people or more and have all your friends create their own personal perfume on the spot to take home afterwards. The possibilities are endless!

Make your own perfume as an event

For example, the bride creates her personal perfume together with her bachelorettes for her wedding day. (Each participant creates one) Or a signature scent is created for all wedding guests. An unforgettable gift. Prosecco will be served afterwards. Also possible is a catering or subsequent lunch / dinner in your dream location.

Team-building incentive

We can also be booked as a team-building incentive event for your company. We are also happy to enrich your retreat with this sensual experience, because natural fragrances take the participants “inwards”. The fragrances they “indulge in” have a wonderful effect, subliminally reconnect with nature, bring joy and bring the group together.

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Slow Scent® natural perfume workshop on site

Your guests will learn the basics of professional natural perfume production with an experienced perfumer at their side. Guests are guided through a multi-sensory perfume journey where they learn to create their own personal, luxurious fragrance from a selection of 18 exquisite, professional perfume scents.

You will discover the difference between base notes, heart notes and top notes for the classic structure of a perfume, learn about an initial simple fragrance architecture and the classic fragrance families. They practise composing and mixing these essences in a sensible and fragrant way.

Would you prefer to come to us and simply attend an Aloha Senses Perfume Workshop?

Aloha Senses TV report in the ARD media library

Would you like to get a better idea of how such an event works?

Source: ARD Mediathek | NDR Nordtour “Workshop with the perfumer” + ARD Buffet

In August 2023, a five-minute report about us was broadcast for the first time on NDR Nordtour and repeated on ARD Buffet in September 2023. You can find the report in the ARD Mediathek – among other things, you will get a good first impression of perfume workshops, with which we would be happy to come to you.

Prices and information about the event

Finally, your guests will take home their own, self-created eau de parfum (including recipe): 15 ml in a high-quality glass flacon with a high-quality silver cap, professionally crimped.

Natural essences

We use 100% natural essences such as rare woods, precious floral absolutes, sensual spices and warm gourmand notes. All workshops are teached by Corinna, perfumer and architect.

No previous knowledge necessary

You and your guests can take part in this workshop without any prior knowledge. From 15 years.

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Tip: Don’t put on any perfume yourself!

Participants should refrain from using strong-smelling creams and perfume altogether so that they can concentrate fully on their own perfume creation. Cream and perfume can then be generously topped up afterwards – for the next part of the evening.

Costs & Contact

All materials are included. 1,250 € for up to 8 participants. A larger group can be accommodated at an additional cost of €145 per person.

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Would you like to find out more about the perfumer and architect Corinna Kuhnert?

At Aloha Senses you can not only learn how to make your own perfume, but also buy fantastic natural perfumes!