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NDR Nordtour | TV Report

Parfüm-Entwicklerin lädt zu Workshops in ihr Kieler Duft-Atelier

Corinna Kuhnert is a perfumer, but her specially created perfumes do not smell like the Baltic Sea. For 15 years, the studied architect has been collecting natural fragrances from all over the world and over time has built up a fragrance database with precious natural essences such as real vanilla or ambergris. Now, together with her husband Jörn, she has developed her own perfume line, Aloha Senses Perfumes. At her workshops in Kiel’s fragrance studio, you can learn how to compose a perfume.

Source: NDR Nordtour TV report from August 12, 2023

ARD Buffet | TV Reportage

Perfumer Corinna Kuhnert and partner Jörn Klaas on First

Watch our report starting at minute 29:20!

Source: ARD Buffet TV report from September 7, 2023

Kieler Nachrichten

Kiel-based start-up develops fragrances:
Couple wants to conquer the world with niche perfumes

Source: Kieler Nachrichten article, June 20, 2023

ELUXE Magazine

The world’s FIRST ever publication fully dedicated to sustainable luxury
Eau de Parfum No. 1 – HONI | Narcotic Kiss

Source: ELUXE Magazine (UK), Online Edition Jan/2023

BIOUTY 360° | Digital Magazine

ALOHA SENSES PERFUMES | Interview Corinna Kuhnert | Natural Perfume

BIOUTY 360° Digital magazine all about beauty and fragrance
BIOUTY 360° beauty, natural perfume, fragrance
BIOUTY 360° beauty, natural perfume, fragrance
BIOUTY 360° beauty, natural perfume, fragrance
BIOUTY 360° beauty, natural perfume, fragrance
Source: BIOUTY 360°, Issue 6/2022

INSIDE beauty

The trade magazine for the perfumery industry

Source: INSIDE beauty, issue 5/2022

BIOUTY 360° | Digital Magazine

Eau de Parfum No. 5 – NOE NOE | Grounded Serenity

Source: BIOUTY 360°, Issue 6/2022

Magazin Vital

Eau de Parfum No. 3 – MANA | Luxurious Glow

Quelle: VITAL, Heft 11/22

Magazine Vital | Natural Cosmetics Extra

Experts interview with natural perfumer Corinna Kuhnert

press infos and interviews about natural perfume.
Source: VITAL Natural Cosmetics Extra, Issue 10/21

Beauty Jagd (“Beauty Hunt”) | Blog by Julia Keith

Aloha Senses Natural Perfumes in Julia’s well-known Beauty Briefing

Blog by Julia Keith: “There is a new addition in the field of natural fragrances to report: At the digital Vivaness trade show 2021, I met the two founders – Corinna Kuhnert and Jörn Klaas – of the still very young brand Aloha Senses from Kiel. Both are globetrotters and feel closely connected to the Hawai’ian philosophy of life. Their perfumes are meant to bring the Aloha spirit into our everyday lives as well. Corinna is the “nose” in the team, she created the six different natural perfumes from natural fragrances. She completed her training with renowned natural perfumer Mandy Aftel of Aftelier in the USA.

In my Discovery Set from Aloha Senses (press sample) are the spicy-rosy fragrance ‘AMBER’, then the perfume ‘HONI’ which reminds me of Lokum, the creamy-exotic-floral-watery ‘LANI’, the minty patchouli vetiver scent, NOĒ NOĒ’ and the soft yet refreshing citrus jasmine scent ‘MANA’. Big compliment for ‘KEANU’, a fresh, gently woody scent that eventually leads into warm tobacco notes. The fragrance is named after the Hawaiian wind Keanu, which blows from the sea into the mountains of Hawai’i in the evening.”

Happinez – Mindstyle Magazine | “The Song of the Flowers
Flowers and their scents for natural perfumes

Travelogue about the spirit of Hawai’i, Corinna and her flower essences

Press: Flowers and their fragrances for natural perfumes - Natural Perfume.
Corinna Kuhnert and her natural perfumes from Aloha Senses.
press interviews aloha senses
Flowers and their scents for natural infos interviews natural perfume.
press info interviews natural perfume
Source: Happinez, 03/2013 issue & Happi Soul, 02/2020 issue.