At Aloha Senses you can not only buy fantastic natural perfumes, but you can also learn to make your own perfume. All precious materials needed will be provided by us, and you will take home your own created natural perfume at the end of the workshop.

Source: ARD Mediathek | NDR Nordtour “Workshop with the perfumer” + ARD Buffet

Slow Scent® Natural Perfume Workshop

You’ll learn the basics of professional natural perfumery with an experienced perfumer at your side. Participants will be guided through a multi-sensory perfume workshop where they will learn to create their own personal luxurious fragrance from a selection of 18 exquisite professional perfume fragrances (six top notes, six middle notes, six base notes). We practice composing and mixing these essences in a meaningful and beautifully fragrant way.

We use 100% natural essences such as rare woods, precious floral absolutes, sensual spices and warm gourmand notes. All workshops are teached by Corinna, perfumer and architect.

Your own created perfume

Corinna will introduce each essence and you will learn how to smell them properly. The individual facets are easily grasped, olfactorily perceived, and become familiar. You will discover the difference between base notes, middle notes and top notes for the classic structure of a perfume, learn about a first simple fragrance architecture as well as the classic fragrance families. With these simple tools you create your own personal perfume under Corinna’s guidance.

At the end, each participant takes home their own self-created Eau de Parfum (incl. formula): 15 ml in a high-quality glass bottle with a beautiful silver cap, professionally crimped.

Natural instead of synthetic fragrances

You’ll also learn the difference between natural and synthetic fragrances. Even if you love conventional perfume, you can smell our curated 100% botanical essences in the workshop and use your knowledge later in your work with synthetic perfumes. The advantage: smelling real rose or real jasmine is a sensual experience.

No previous knowledge necessary

You can come to this workshop with absolutely no previous experience. From 15 years. The joy of creative experimentation is in the foreground! All the necessary materials are provided by us. You’ll see – there’s something wonderful about experimenting with natural essences, and your creativity will unfold easily!

Slowing down and reconnection with nature

At our Slow Scent® workshops, you slow down, leave your everyday life behind and dive into the art of perfume making with joy. While you are playfully creating, it is easy for you to relax at the same time. You connect back to nature since we use only all-natural, 100% botanical essences!

Dates | Slow Scent® Basic Perfume Workshops

Sun, December 10, 2023 l 2:30 – 6:00 p.m. – FULLY BOOKED!
Sat, January 13, 2024 l 2:00 – 5.30 p.m.
Sun, January 14, 2024 l 1:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Sun, February 4, 2024 l 2:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Sun, March 24, 2024 l 2:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Location: Topfhaus in the Old Botanical Gardens, 24105 Kiel
(listed, beautiful building!)
Fee: 145,- Euro per person
incl. own natural perfume in 15 ml glass bottle &
all precious materials

Refreshments will be served. Workshop in German. Participants will receive a discount in-store fragrance purchases made on the day of the workshop – valid for our Aloha Senses Perfumes.

With the purchase of this workshop you agree to our terms and conditions.

You should avoid strong-smelling creams and perfume altogether on the day of the workshop, so that you can fully concentrate on your own perfume creation. Secure your spot quickly because spots are limited and popular!

A self created perfume at your event

Looking for a really special experience at your best friend’s hen party, birthday or your event? We offer you the opportunity to book this fun, creative workshop for 8 people or more and have all your friends create their own personal perfume on the spot to take home afterwards. The possibilities are endless!

For example, the bride creates her personal perfume together with her bachelorettes for her wedding day. All for ONE! Or a signature scent is created for all wedding guests as an unforgettable gift. Prosecco will be served afterwards. Also possible is a catering or subsequent lunch / dinner in your dream location.

We can also be booked as a team-building incentive event for your company. We are also happy to enrich your wellness retreat with this sensual experience. The fragrances you “revel in” have a wonderful effect, subliminally reconnect with nature, creates joy, and bring your group together.

Cost: 1.250 € for up to 8 participants. A larger group can be accommodated at an additional cost of €145 per person. All materials are included.

Drop us an email with yourideas + key data to:

Trained by Mandy Aftel | Aftelier Perfumes

Since 2020, and with an enduring fascination for natural fragrances, Corinna has been entering her master’s training as a perfumer with Mandy Aftel – THE natural fragrance legend in Berkeley, USA. Mandy has been the owner and nose of the world-renowned, natural fragrance line Aftelier for over 30 years.

Slow Scent® Natural Perfume Teacher

Corinna Kuhnert is a multiple certified Slow Scent® Natural Perfume Teacher by Mandy Aftel and teaches natural perfume workshops for individuals (on-site & via Zoom) and companies (on-site incentives). Corinna is honored to incorporate entrusted knowledge and wisdom from the legendary Mandy Aftel, who significantly paved the way for modern natural perfumery, into her workshops.

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